SEO is a big umbrella term, but essentially SEO (search engine optimization) is a whole bunch of tactics that help you show up in search engine results using keywords. SEO helps clients who are already searching for your service find your business. Basically, it helps your website do the work FOR you with you having to lift a finger.

A backlink is when a page on your website is listed on another website. For example, you have a really insightful blog post written about how to travel post-covid, and a popular blog site reads it and links to your blog post from one of their articles about travelling to Europe. THAT’S a backlink, and it helps bring in a TON of traffic to your site. 

The first round of deliverables for The Total Package is your website copy. You will get one set of revisions on the text before Aleina begins implementing your content and on-site seo. The next step will be your web design mockups. You will get 3 revisions on the overall design and layout of your desktop mockup before Aleina develops this into Showit or Squarespace. After the site is built out, you will get one final week of revisions to make sure all spacing, sizing, and interactive / animated elements are to your liking for both desktop and mobile.

Ready to kick things off? So are we. We’ll start with a Discovery Call to learn more about your business and ensure this relationship is right for both of us. After the Discovery Call, you’ll receive a formal proposal, contract, and invoice. Once you sign the contract and make the payment (or first payment if on a plan), we’ll dive right in! 

After the contract is signed and the invoice is paid, you will receive an onboarding questionnaire. We need to know everything about you to ensure your website, copy, and SEO keywords are set for success. In addition, you will need to provide any photos and branding assets you would like to have on your website! Only your own professional photos, or photos available for commercial use are allowed on your website. The first 5 people to sign on will receive a complimentary stock photo bundle and a basic typography logo suite. 

Once the agreement is executed, The Total Package takes eight weeks from initial development to final delivery. (As long as you’re not fashionably late with any of the timeline materials!)

The website platform membership is not included in this package. If you choose to go with Squarespace, Aleina is a member and you will receive 20% off your first year subscription. If you are looking to have a specific feature on your website (ie. booking system, scheduling, live chat, etc) there may be an additional plug in cost. We will let you know if there will be any additional costs after our discovery call.
Squarespace Pricing
Showit Pricing (showit + basic blog plan recommended for optimized SEO)

Yes! We know leveling up your business is an upfront investment. We are currently offering a three-payment plan. Each installment is $1,225.00 and will be due as follows:
Payment one upon signature of contract.
Payment two at the three-week project mark before copy is finalized.
Payment three after approval of web design mockups.